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mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Did you read the novel The iron Heel of the writer Jack London

I would recommend reading this wonderful novel :The Iron Heel by Jack London
Jack London

The novel is set between 1906 and 1913,and is told in the words of the hero wife,and imagine that the writer wrote it like a manuscript was found after three centuries of events,and after becoming a socialist reality.

Jack London was born in 1875 in America,and died there in 1916.His father was a priest and humiliate astrology reading unseen.
The Iron Heel read literature online

Jack London swallow the bitterness of life,abused different jobs,workers in laboratories,and the mugger,and a police officer in the Navy,and the captain of the ship,and a student,and a reporter,and mine workers and others.Jack London joined in 1879 and has a 20-year-old group to public socialists who formed the seminars to study the Communist Manifesto,and the writings of Marx and Kant.As it assigned by socialist parties and organizations to represent them in the work of the municipal councils,and participated in meetings of the Socialists in the American revolutionary speeches.He died due to severe stress and disease.

The novel The Iron Heel and that made the writer of the most popular book at the workers and toilers and intellectuals with trends of socialism,they portray the future of humanity,and the novel represents the events oppressed revolution,the struggle of the workers in America,and predictors of approaching fascism in Europe.This novel is considered today's Gospel Socialists,have put Jack London in 1907 Images of the inevitability of the victory of socialism and the collapse of capitalism,the terrible conflict that must be going on between camps of progressive and reactionary,hellish and methods used by capitalism in its struggle for survival.

Read books online :

The Iron Heel          Le talon de fer          The Iron Heel.Ar

Read literature online:

samedi 22 août 2015

A Gem of American and world literature Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

He said Hemingway about Huckleberry Finn: The all American literature stems from the novel of Huckleberry Finn,which is the best novel produced American literature so far.

Read literature online Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain:
The Adventures of Huckleberry art,a gem of Mark Twain,the great founder of the modern American novel,and one of the pearls impressive world of the novel.This novel introduced to American literature,for the first time,marginalized blacks and peasants and immigrants,to reveal the misery that prevailed in this world,away from the traditions of European literature.It is the first novelist of works written in the vernacular of the local people's character
Mark Twain

Characterized the novel as a lively people and places along the Mississippi River and represent cynical cash and American society in the southern United States before the Civil War,the novel draws scathing criticism of some of the trends prevailing at the time,particularly ethnic discrimination.

The image Hack and his friend Jim,who was a fugitive slave of his master in their journey on the Mississippi River on a raft,the most beautiful symbol of the concept of escape and liberation from the yoke of slavery in all the work of American literature.

Mark Twain wrote a novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,after the American Civil War,when it was a violent reaction from whites against blacks .

Twain was trying to criticize clearly racial discrimination and apartheid and the growing common perception that blacks are not fit only to be slaves,explained through the personal qualities of the human C-Semitism and his passion,and how deep it is raring to freedom.Twain and publish his novel in the month of December 1884.
And appear in the novel case of moral conflict experienced by «Hack» between the values in the society in which they live by.
His conscience is unable at first to refute these values,which remain permanently present in his mind,but in the end provides the moral choice to build on the relationship that links with «Jim» as a friend and recognize its value as a human being,with that such decisions do not comply with the things he has learned since a young age.
The story begins in place a figment of the writer's imagination,called St. Petersberg- Missouri,on the banks of the Mississippi River.The boys Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn crowd may well amount of money from the previous adventures (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer).The Hack under the auspices of Douglas.
The Hack estimated their efforts.Tom Sawyer is shown at the beginning of the story to help Hack to flee their home.The boys meet with the group that he met with Tom Sawyer.And changing the lives of Hack at the sudden appearance of his father lazy and helpless.It was a bad man morality.Despite the success of Hack to prevent his father from getting what earned him the money,but the father takes Hack to be under his care.But Hack escape.

Mark Twain

Hack meet the server who worked for Watson,Jim  on Jackson island.And she tells him that he fled after he heard that Watson will sell to a family near the end of the river where the worst conditions of the slaves there.Jim was trying to go to Cairo,Illinois area and where there is no slavery.Hack was initially opposed because Jim becomes a free man .
But this is after mobility with each other and exchanged chatting deeply Hack and knew a lot about the life of Jim and his past ..
This helped to change some of the ideas that Hack believes are about people and slavery, and life as a whole. This change and will continue through the entire novel.The resort Hack and Jim to the cave on a hillside in Jackson island to hide from the strong storm. One night Iosran on a wooden raft to use it later to travel across the Mississippi River.
And,following events that find them on their way to the south,climb to the raft, two men liars after he saved the lives Hack,one identifies himself as the son of the Duke of English (the Duke of Bridgewaterand forensic Crown Prince after his father.The other man is the great age and says he is entitled to the throne of King of France.And forced Duke and King Jim Hack being transferred to them after that bonds them
And get them some adventures in which the Duke and King cunning play a role for the heirs of a person who had died and claimed they were brothers of the deceased (Peter Wilkes).But Hack and steal their money after they discovered the trick and put him in the coffin of Wilkes,and commanded them exposed after the Brotherhood Acharaaan to Wilkes to came immediately escape.

The four fled toward the south .When Hack go to a nearby village.King restrict Jim and sell it.Hack often became angry when he saw the treason committed by the King,but his conscience was telling him that if Jim has helped to flee again and regain his freedom, it will be stolen property,Mr.Watson.But the determination to do so.He said quite a bit,and went to decode the families of Jim Hack and discovers the strange coincidence that Jim bought two of Mr.and Mrs.Phillips and two relatives of Tom Sawyer.
Jim told his friend Hack about the death of his father and that he could come back to Petersburg to live without problems.In the end,Hack tells of his happiness that he completed writing his story.In spite of attempts by the family that adopted by Tom and attended,but it's determination to go west into the Indian areas.
Free books online :
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